Gentle® Violin Bags 溫柔®絲綢琴套

琴盒保護提琴, 將盒外的濕氣髒物擋在外邊, 但琴盒打開的時候, 提琴就曝露在外, 遭濕氣髒物的侵襲, 因此琴盒開開關關的過程, 最好用軟式琴袋罩住, 琴盒即使用拉鏈拉鎖, 拉鏈齒縫仍有氣流泌入, 對提琴仍有影響, 最好用軟式琴套罩住, 為求輕量易攜帶, 新型碳纖琴盒的內沿所用的襯墊面材趨薄, 保護嫌單少, 最好用軟式琴套先將提琴罩住.  溫柔琴袋 Gentle Violin Bags 以高級絲布綢緞手工縫製, 美觀耐用, 以最柔軟的身段, 照顧提琴, 封套以拉線拉盒, 不用容易傷琴的鬆緊帶, 取或罩琴輕巧容易. A bag for your instrument is the first line of defense against fluctuation in humidity and temperature inside your case. Cases that close with a zipper still allow a draft where the teeth of the zipper close together, and cases that latch closed rather than zip allow air circulation where the halves of the case meet. In addition to these exposure problems, the new carbon fiber lightweight cases are usually not lined in any kind of velvet or soft fabric (such as Bam Hightech, or the Gewa Idea), and do not include a blanket which would put a layer of protection between your violin and your bow. A violin bag ensures more gradual changes for your instrument during storage in the case, and also a layer of protection around the whole violin anytime you're not playing as the entire instrument is enclosed!  Gentle Violin Bags are 100% hand made with silk brocade materials.  It gently covers and protects your instrument.