Savarez Corelli Viola Strings 中提琴弦

基於二個半世紀的經驗, 無數演奏家的參詢, 及密集的研發, Savarez Corelli 開發出高科技的製弦機器, 符合我們精準的要求, 今天, 無數的稱讚加諸我們的產品, 就是一個明證. Two and a half centuries of experience, the requests and advice of great soloists, the intensive research of Savarez.and, a prerequisite for achieving success, the development of high tech machinery adapted to our standard requirements...Today, the most beautiful tribute paid to us is that from the musicians who were able to judge for themselves. 請點擊各品牌前往選購, Click on the brand name to visit their dedicated webpage.