String Fine Tuner 琴弦微調器

旋轉旋栓 Peg 是提琴調音的主要方法, 但細微調音 (Fine Tuning) 用裝在拉弦板上的琴弦微調器 (String Fine Tuner 或稱 String Adjustor) 較為有効方便, 旋鈕型的調音器扣在弦上, 用旋鈕的動作調音, 旋緊或旋鬆即可, 本公司供應的琴弦微調器以德國 Wittner 廠牌為主, 另有最近流行的 Luxitune 裝飾型珠寶微調器, 頗受歡迎, 點下方圖案, 前往專頁選購.  Tuning a violin usually is done via turning the pegs. For fine tuning, a string fine tuner (also called string adjustor) is used. Fine tuners are small, circular, screw-like devices found at the top of the tailpiece, which is located in the lower part of the instrument and shaped a bit like a triangle. Each string can be gradually tightened or loosened by the fine tuner positioned directly below it on the instrument. Our supply is mostly made by Wittner. The popular Luxitune fine tuners are also available.  Click on the icons below to visit the dedicated page of each category of products.