Bow Stopper 弓停

The BowStopper Device is the educational tool that improves bow distribution. It is a perfect tool to enhance bow distribution. It can help students of all ages that need to gain perfection with the bow. Even the advanced string player who may have had difficulties in the past can now learn to master tremolo, legato and staccato.  Bow Stopper 我們取名為弓停, 發音與宮廷相同, 較為好記; 弓停是用來界定運弓的範圍, 譲學生練習在兩個弓停之間運弓, 以產生正確的樂音, 弓停可以依運弓位置的不同而移動, 用弓停練習可以培養正確完美的運弓姿勢, 角度, 力道, 不但學生可以使用, 職業演奏家也可以用來自我訓練.