Pirastro Violino Violin E String 小提琴 E 弦

Violino 弦芯使用最先進的合成束纖製作, 聲音溫暖, 平順, 圓潤, 奏者可以嚐試尋找具個人色彩的調性, 具低張力, 易於調音, 拉奏容易, 快速運弓仍感覺柔軟親暱, 即使微力運弓仍輕易出聲, 完全不受溫度及濕度影響. Violino strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre. It possesses warm, smooth and round sound. Player can easily explore the subtle differences of tone colors with these strings. This string has low string tension and comes with excellent tuning stability. Violino strings are very easy to play, have a soft and gentle touch and a fast response, allowing the strings to speak easily even at the lowest bow pressure. It is absolutely insensitive to variations in temperature and humidity.

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